7 Tips to Prevent Fire in the Workplace

We celebrate October as the month of National Fire Safety, revisiting fire precautions to avoid the ignition of fire that can cause a lot of damages. While the main focus of some seminars is residential fires, people should also pay attention to the fire safety and prevention in the workplace. It was recorded in 2013 that explosions, fire and smoke damage resulted to 148 occupational fatalities. This number will rise if we don’t pay close attention.  

Prevent Fire 

That number is doubled on the business buildings that don’t take fire precaution seriously. Our workplace and offices serve as our second home, where we spend most of our time working our ass off. We should also take care of the place just like how we take care of ours. The following are the things you should do to ensure a fire-safe workplace.  

Get Organized 

An organized workplace is a safe workplace. You should always practice workplace housekeeping where you throw away unused papers and stuff on the right garbage bin. The clutter in the office is one of the things that ignited and contributed to fire, working as a fuel to make the situation worse. It also prevents people from accessing the emergency equipment and fire exit.  

Assign Smoking Areas 

We couldn’t stop people from smoking, especially that there are a lot of stressors in the office. However, one should be responsible when smoking because it’s one of the igniters of fire. If you’re the boss, assign a designated smoking area for your employees. If you’re an employee, smoke only in those areas. Extinguish the smoking materials, and avoid throwing cigarette butts anywhere. Never smoke on chemical storage areas or storerooms.  

Put Fire Extinguishers 

Always maintain a fire extinguisher in the office. Make sure to buy the appropriate number and type. The employees should also know how to use one in case of fire.  

Install Sprinkler Systems and Smoke Detectors  

It is now mandatory for commercial spaces to install smoke detectors. It is for prevention when a small fire starts. Do not block the sprinklers, emergency exits and firefighting equipment. Test the detectors and sprinkler systems once a year. It’s also better if you perform a mock fire to practice safety exits.  

Practice Chemical Safety 

For a building that works with chemicals, it’s important to practice chemical safety. Store and use them properly and safely. Read the labels of each chemical to determine the flammability of the said chemicals. Make sure you also provide proper ventilation when you store such substances.  

Waste Control and Storage 

Control all the usage of combustible and flammable waste materials. Most of them contribute to fire accidents, and once it starts it would be difficult to stop them.  

Prevent Ignition 

If you have a space that has a potentially explosive atmosphere because of the presence of flammable liquid vapors, you should practice precaution to prevent fire ignition. Make sure you control the static electricity and use non-sparking tools only. Make sure too that the people are trained to do this.  

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