How to Choose the Right Roofers

The roof serves a very important role in your home. Mainly, it protects your family and property from the elements. It’s important that you take good care of your roof, which is why proper roof maintenance is necessary.  

But how do you select a roofing contractor? Choosing the right people to hire means you’re providing a solution to the problem that you have at hand. If you hired the wrong people, you might just be making the problem worse. To help you select the best contractor, below are some questions that you want to be answered first.  

  1. How longhave your company been operating? 

You’re better off initiating a transaction with a well-established company. It’s for your own protection, as they’ll still be around if the time comes when you want to make a claim from the warranty. You can’t expect so much from fly-by-night companies.  

  1. Do you have a physical address,phonenumber, and email?  

Never deal with a roofing contractor that solely works online. They have to set up an office somewhere. That means that they have a valid business address, a listed phone number, and a working email. These are the signs of a stable roofing company. 

  1. Will you do the job yourself? 

Some roofing companies hire subcontractors to complete the deals that they closed. Subcontractors are usually paid per job, which is why they tend to rush projects, thus resulting in poor workmanship. When you hire a roofing company, make sure that their people are the ones who will handle the project and not somebody else. 

  1. Doyou need a deposit?  

This is a common practice among service providers as they need money to purchase the materials. If they do ask for a deposit, what payment methods do they accept? Stay clear of cash-basis companies because you might put yourself at the risk of not finding them anymore after you have paid them. Also, don’t pay for anything unless you were supplied with a written contract and a detailed estimate of the job.  

Other Points to Consider  

Never deal with companies that you think are just there to take your money. There are many unscrupulous individuals out there and you want to stay clear of them. Always ask for an estimate first before agreeing to anything. Their estimate should be accurate and must be done in writing. A job contract has to be issued as well prior to starting the project. It should be very detailed and precise about the job, starting on the materials to be used down to all the labor and fee details.  

Try to know more about the company by checking their background. See if they are a member of the local Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau. Read all the feedback that their previous clients have left them. Visit their website, if they have one, and check out their portfolio of past projects. Call them and ask for references so you’ll know what class of clients they tend to serve. If you need help in finding experts in roofing Spokane WA, don’t hesitate to ask the people that you trust, such as your family and friends.  




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