Symptoms of Exposure to Black Mold and Their Health Effects 

One of the most tragic things that could happen to our house is water damage. Whether we suffered from a major floor or major pipe leaks, our house is still susceptible to growth of mold. Moisture is tricky, even though you tried your best in cleaning your house. If you live in a place where humidity level is high, the moisture can easily penetrate the fibers of carpet and your walls. If you experience mold infestation, you should hire professionals of mold removal Dayton OH.  

Black Mold

The moisture gives chance for the mold to grow. We all know that molds can incur structural damages. Aside from those damages, exposure to it can also affect our health. The symptoms of such exposure is massive, you take note of the following.  

Inflammatory Problems 

People who have preexisting medical condition or those who are sensitive to allergies will have their immune system compromised once they are exposed to black mold. So if you have a family member who has been around in your water damaged house, they are at risk of health problems. Problems like hypersensitivity, respiratory infections, allergic fungal sinusitis and pneumonitis can attack them. Their bodies will react differently, depending on how long they are exposed to the mold and the amount of mold present around them.  

Fungal Infection 

Other effect of being exposed to mild is systematic fungal infection. If the person has low immune system and he is infected because of the direct mold exposure, he is at great risk. The most common health issues get from fungal infection are sinuses and digestive tract infections. The skin and lungs might also be infected. Doing a clean-up is very important. During the clean-up, those who have sensitivities in their immune system shouldn’t be around.  

Effects of Fungal Mold 

Fungal mold is not just gotten from water damage or flood. There are other types like Penicillium, which is a fungal mold that can affect the respiratory system of infants. The infants exposed to such mold will have persistent cough and wheeze. There’s a relationship between the development of asthma and increased exposure to Penicillium. The reaction of the bodies toward the mold exposure will depend on the sensitivity of a person. Other health effects of mold exposure are throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, skin irritation and coughing.  

Flood-Specific Effects 

If the mold was formed because of the water or moisture form flood water, there are similar health effects that people would get from it. The children are most vulnerable from it, and they could have diabetes, asthma, chronic lung disease, heart defects, allergies and many more. That’s why post-flood cleanup is necessary and risky. If you want to participate in such cleanup, you should make sure that you wear the proper gears so you want have those health effects. If you have family members who have pre-existing medical conditions, you should take them into somewhere safe so they wouldn’t be affected.