There are some people that it is hard for them to live without the natural oxygen coming from nature. This will result in having a hard time to breathe and be able to sleep sometimes at night. That is why it is important that we have a good circulation of air inside our house. We can’t depend too much on our fan, air conditioner or any other gadget and appliances that can make us feel comfortable. Too much usage of air conditioner could not be very good to the health system our body. Especially if your appliance has a problem. You would not be able to get cooler feelings and you have to contact a heater repair near me. Here are some steps that you could do to make your house a good place for living and can breathe good and healthy oxygen without using the appliances you have.

1. In order for the fresh air to come inside of your house. You need to open your windows. It will help you to get better and good quality of oxygen if you are living with trees outside and no pollution at all. Since this is your problem because you live in a busy and polluted city. Then, just open your windows a little when you are cooking something inside of your house. This will help to remove the smell that was stuck inside your house. At the same time, no moist will build up that can dangerous and harmful for your appliances and house as well. If your problem is some insects that keeps on getting in. Then, you can buy a screen and put it outside the window. It will prevent those insects and other harmful objects to get inside of the house by your window. If is good as well to open your window in the early morning so that you can inhale the freshest air before it gets polluted. Especially to the kids, it will help them to build a good immune system.

2. If there is no other way, then you may ask your home owner to install an exhaust fan. This will help to your kitchen and bathroom to remove the unpleasant smell that can’t go out. But it doesn’t end there. You need to make sure that you are cleaning the fans every after one month. This is going to be the best way as well to get the good air from the exhaust and air inside can go out of the house without being trapped.

3. You could ask your local hardware salesman about the filter tool that can be used to filter the air.

4. There are natural ways as well to get this matter be solved. You can plant more plants and even vegetables in your vacant lot. If you don’t have an empty lot then you can do it with a pot. It is very nice to have plants with you around. The more plants the better as they can produce more oxygen and cleaner air.